Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tasty Chocolatey Energy Bites

 Did Someone Say Chocolate?

Want a quick, chocolatey bite that will give you some much needed protein and energy? Enjoy these before a workout, after a workout, and maybe just as an after-breakfast snack with your coffee. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone;).

Try these tasty morsels. Word to the wise: always soak the dates to make them soft. If there are pits, get them out of there! Don't make the mistake I did, forgetting to de-pit a date or two and hearing a sound like I tossed a shot glass into my food processor. Cringe. Soak the dates in warm water for about ten minutes, while you get your other ingredients ready.

Medjool dates can be pricey so don't be shy about choosing another dried date, chopped or whole, as a substitute.

Add-ins: I have tried chocolate protein powder in this recipe and I wouldn't recommend it. The protein powder affected the consistency. I would like to try shredded unsweetened coconut, maybe rolling these bite-size balls in the coconut. Semi-sweet chocolate morsels may work as an add-in as well but I have not tried that either. If you try variations on this treat, please share the outcome!

Prefer bars? You can press the mixture out into a pan and refrigerate, then cut into small bars. See how it goes. I have a link to The Lemon Bowl, where I found this great recipe:

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